The BLACK DIAMOND’s pristine silhouette and sonorous tonality is the perfect match for an incomparable pianist who musically expresses the inexpressible. Dakota Jackson, the award-winning designer of this Steinway Limited Edition, takes inspiration from the theory that black diamonds are extraterrestrial in origin — the result of an exploding supernova. Jackson views the BLACK DIAMOND’s brilliance and rarity as simpatico with the genius and spirit of virtuoso STEINWAY ARTIST Lang Lang. It is an exquisite work of art. Every diamond is categorized according to four distinct properties: colour, carat, cut and clarity. Black diamonds, with their extraordinary origins, are the rarest — and most prized.

“I believe that the BLACK DIAMOND is the visual expression of infinite possibility.”





Illuminated by Celestial Charisma

Lang Lang was named “Messenger of Peace” by the United Nations in 2013 for his tireless advocacy of music education and has been a Steinway artist since 2002. Lang Lang demonstrates a capacious technique, boundless energy, a constant work ethic, insatiable curiosity and a devotion to charitable work.

Lang Lang’s charisma, unique phrasing and bold interpretation are reflected in the Limited Edition Black Diamond.